Mentoring Pathways

Birkbeck’s Mentoring Pathways gives final-year students the opportunity to engage in a mentoring relationship with alumni and corporate volunteers. These mentoring relationships provide students with guidance, advice and support as they navigate the steps to their future careers and professional development goals. 

Mentors are drawn from our Birkbeck graduates and corporate partners working in a diverse range of professions and industries. Current organisations and partnerships include Arts Council England, Clifford Chance, Goldman Sachs and Salesforce.

Why become a mentor?

Support Birkbeck’s diverse student community

Improve skills such as coaching and active listening

Attend a CPD-accredited mentoring training session

Why become a mentee?

Develop vital skills to support your future career

Gain advice on identifying and achieving your goals

Expand your professional network

What’s involved?

Mentors and mentees are required to attend an online training session in November

Mentors and mentees are hand-matched based on their interests and careers

Between December and June meet your mentee once a month for an hour-long mentoring session

Mentoring sessions can be hosted online or in-person

Invitations to events including a mid-programme feedback session and a celebration event to mark the end of the programme

How to Apply

Applications for Mentoring Pathways 2023/24 have now closed.

Applications for Mentoring Pathways 2024/25 will open in September 2024.

Programme Timeline

3 October 2023Applying for Mentoring Pathways – Student Event
5 October 2023Applying for Mentoring Pathways – Volunteer Event
18 October 2023Mentee Applications Close
1 November 2023Mentor Applications Close
27 November – 30 November 2023Mentor Training Session (online)
27 November – 30 November 2023Mentee Training Session (online)
From 4 December 2023Mentoring Matches Announced
February 2024 Drop-in Clinic for participants
April 2024Mid-Programme Event
July 2024End of Programme Celebration Event

Mentee Testimonials

“Taking part in Mentoring Pathways was an invaluable experience that helped me to better understand how to connect my studies to my own professional development. The opportunity to receive mentorship and learn new things outside of my course gives Birkbeck students a huge career advantage compared to other universities.”

Emeka, Birkbeck Student

“Working with a mentor helped me better understand different career pathways and identify the skills and experience that I could transfer to my chosen industry. Our mentoring sessions helped open my eyes to new opportunities and realise what I could achieve. My mentor helped me develop a greater sense of confidence, which continues to benefit me in all facets of life.”

Lauren, Birkbeck Student

“Mentoring Pathways gave me the opportunity to meet with a knowledgeable and supportive mentor who helped me to gain a better understanding of where I wanted to go in my career. I was grateful that my mentor was so generous in sharing both their time and knowledge to help support my next steps after graduating.”

Calyn, Birkbeck Student

Mentor Testimonials

“I chose to volunteer for Mentoring Pathways because I studied at Birkbeck myself and I understand how much focus is needed to study and work simultaneously. I would absolutely recommend Mentoring Pathways to anyone looking for a rewarding learning experience!”

Rose, Mentor

“As a mentor, I helped support my student mentee to navigate the tricky and potentially demoralising path of switching careers later in life. Through supporting my mentee, I was reminded of the importance of reflecting on my own career goals and feel inspired to volunteer again as a mentor in the future.”

Ash, Mentor

“I was interested in mentoring as I wanted to provide the support that I lacked when I began my career. Taking on a student mentee challenged my perception of what a mentor is and taught me not to assume knowledge and to be patient which is important in every aspect of work and life

Rachel, Mentor