Your Support Will:

Widen Access to Education

Education remains one of the greatest opportunities to bring about change; for individuals, economies and communities. We believe that anyone with the drive, passion and ability to succeed should have access to education.

Your support helps us meet students where they are in their lives. Whether taking their first step into higher education, retraining or upskilling, advancing their career, or learning for passion, Birkbeck helps students open doors to their future.

Widen access to education

Your support creates the initiatives, outreach and structures that enable us to reach and support these students as they begin an education to help maximise their potential.

Remove barriers to study

Support from our community gives students confidence in their decision to study, it removes barriers and shows that people believe in their potential to succeed.

Create a thriving community

Giving helps to fund the programmes that increase outreach, create new pathways to education, inspire confidence, foster a diverse community and set students up for success.

Strengthen Student Support

Birkbeck students are extraordinary. They are talented, ambitious, determined, and they bring a truly diverse range of perspectives, backgrounds and experiences to campus. We are committed to ensuring that every student, whether at the start of their studies or in the final stretch, has access to the opportunities and support they need to succeed.

Whether providing scholarships and financial assistance or enhancing academic and pastoral services that improve outcomes, your support ensures that every student with the potential and drive to succeed can do so. 

Ensuring students have help when they need it

Donor support helps us to respond quickly to the needs of our students, providing the services and interventions that make an immediate difference to their studies and have a lasting impact on their lives.

Providing access to the tools that help students thrive

Your generosity helps provide the skills, the networks and experience that enable students to succeed and embrace their future with confidence.

Delivering targeted support to maximise potential

Your gift ensures that every student can realise their full potential; with access to the support they need and the specialist staff in place to work and adapt to the diverse and changing needs of our community.

Advance Outstanding Research

Throughout our nearly 200-year history, Birkbeck has championed fearless and innovative ways of thinking to tackle some of the most pressing global challenges. Our research is bold, designed to lead to change, drive innovation and present new possibilities for the people and communities Birkbeck serves around the world.

Your support plays a vital role in supporting PhD students, postdoctoral researchers and academics as they push the limits of knowledge across areas of science, art, law, social science and business.

Catalyse frontier research

Gifts to Birkbeck provides the funding that enables researchers to build the foundations of major projects, to translate theory into reality and to maximise opportunities to broaden the impact of their research.

Support the next generation of thinkers

Donor funding allows PhD students, postdoctoral researchers and early-career fellows to access the resources they need to carry out transformational research.

Deliver world-changing innovations

Your generosity helps drive innovation, advance current research and catalyse new projects.

Build Tomorrow’s Facilities and Infrastructures

Birkbeck’s forward-looking estates and digital strategy will enable our academics to advance their big ideas in science, creativity and innovation, and create new ways and spaces for students to come together, learn, study and connect. 

Your support helps us create environments that foster learning, drive collaboration and reflect that our radical 200-year-old traditions are still alive in shaping our future.

Create an environment that matches ambitions

Your support helps us to provide students with the physical and digital infrastructures that help them thrive

Bring together diverse communities

Donor funding creates the space that allows students from all backgrounds to come together to collaborate, innovate and support each other to succeed

Make space for the next breakthrough

Giving to Birkbeck enables access to the state-of-the-art equipment and spaces that support researchers in pushing the limits of knowledge