Mentoring Pathways

Example Mentee Application

17. What are your two key reasons for applying for Mentoring Pathways? You may wish to consider the benefits of having a mentor and the professional skills you would like to develop. (50 – 150 words).  

I would like to apply for Mentoring Pathways because I want to learn more about how to start a career in publishing and develop my self-confidence. Firstly, I’d like to meet a mentor who can share insights and guidance about the types of jobs available in publishing that might interest me and suit my skillset.  I would also use our mentoring sessions to discuss and evaluate my current CV so that I can submit stronger applications for post-graduate job opportunities. Secondly, I think that a mentor would help me to feel more confident about my future. Studying at Birkbeck has helped me to develop many new skills but I am not sure about how to describe them to employers. I’d like to meet a friendly mentor who would encourage me to see my strengths and achieve more in the future.  

18. What are your ambitions for your future career? (50 – 150 words) In your response we recommend that you share your career experience so far, your ‘dream job’, and how your studies will help support your career goals. 

I have previously worked as a Social Media Assistant for an online journal and am currently working part-time at Waterstones as a Shop Assistant. In the future, I’d love to work at a big publishing company such as Penguin or HarperCollins.  

I am passionate about literature and would love to work in publishing in the future. I would like to find a role that combines my interest in books with more creative skills, such as working in a Marketing or PR team. I am currently studying Creative Writing and hope that this will give me a stronger understanding of what makes a good story and improve my general writing skills.  

19. Share one example of how you have demonstrated commitment to your studies either at Birkbeck, another university or in your career. (50-150 words) You may want to share an example where you have significantly improved your marks, actively participated in your course or taken additional steps to strengthen your learning. 

I have watched several online tutorials to improve my study skills at Birkbeck on topics such as critical thinking and academic referencing. This has helped me to achieve my highest-ever module mark in my most recent paper, and I am now using these skills to prepare my dissertation with a richer range of references to support my argument.