Meet Birkbeck Student Callers

Our students have spoken to thousands of people in our community. As the summer term ends, you can help us plan for the year ahead.

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“I applied to be a Telephone Fundraiser to contribute to my university and learn new skills. However I have been really inspired by talking to alumni, and hearing how they have been able to defy all odds to complete their studies and achieve success after graduating.”

Annika – 1st year, Postgraduate in Law


“I have massively enjoyed speaking with alumni, learning from them and hearing their stories. Overwhelmingly, people feel Birkbeck is special and life-changing. I am always touched when people give, as they understand it can change the lives of others.”

Becks – 3rd year, Undergraduate in History and Archaeology


“I’m always inspired by people who manage to complete their degree while having a full time job, as well as sometimes a family to look after. Alumni in this situation always give invaluable tips on how to manage my studies. Everyone has been so generous with their advice and support for Birkbeck.”

Christabel – 2nd year, Undergraduate in Law


“This is my second telephone campaign and I have loved it. I’ll never forget when an alumnus said ‘I want to give to Birkbeck because they deserve everything!’ I think this is because Birkbeck opens its doors to everyone who wants to study, regardless of previous education.”

Juanjo – 1st year, Postgraduate in Contemporary History and Politics


“I heard this amazing story about how an alumnus saw a Birkbeck flyer on a lamp post. He had struggled to find a purpose, but he started at Birkbeck, and went on to complete a PhD and find his niche. People connect with The World Needs More Birkbeck campaign as they see the College has played a crucial role in their life trajectories.”

Sushmina – 1st year, Postgraduate in Children, Youth and International Development


“The World Needs More Birkbeck campaign has completely changed the way I think about the relationship between students, alumni and the College. I have always known that education changes lives, but talking to people who are real witnesses of that has helped me to understand the relationship on a deeper level.”

Sara – 2nd year Postgraduate in Investigative Reporting


“Several alumni have told me that if it weren’t for Birkbeck, they would not have pursued higher education. One person praised Birkbeck’s disability support for helping her gain her master’s degree. It has been amazing to hear how alumni want to give back and make a lasting impact on the world through education.”

Aliya – Foundation year in Social Science


“I always like hearing anecdotes from alumni about how the people in their class were so diverse, and it helped them gain different perspectives. I can relate as that I’m experiencing now. I will never forget two phrases I heard from the campaign: ‘Birkbeck helped open up my world’, and ‘Birkbeck changed my life’.”

Alexa – 1st year Postgraduate in Education, Power and Social Change


“Working as a caller has been a truly great experience. I spoke to one lady about how she had fought all the odds to continue her studies and it was so inspiring to hear how she overcame it all. I’ve been amazed by how many alumni speak about wanting to give back.”

Antonia – 2nd year undergraduate in Business and Human Resources


“Speaking to alumni has shown me how vital and energising it is to be able to learn for the sake of learning. When there are so many horrible things in the news, Birkbeck is something hugely positive for a really wonderful vision for the future and all things human.”

Damaris – Undergraduate in Modern Languages (French and Italian)


“I wanted to participate in this campaign because of it has an impact on further education and helps to build a positive community. I have enjoyed hearing about people’s journey and experiences since their days at Birkbeck and how completing their studies has changed their lives.”

Geoffrey – 4th year Undergraduate in Financial Economics


“I originally applied to be a Telephone Fundraiser for the experience, however I came back for a second campaign because I really enjoyed the role. It is amazing to hear how some alumni, especially those studying as mature students, have persevered to chase their dreams of further education.”

Sohaib – 2nd year Undergraduate in Global Politics and International Relations