Global Buddies

Global Buddies connects you with a Birkbeck graduate during your first term of study.

Learn more about life in the UK and gain insights and top tips for making the most of your Birkbeck experience from a friendly member of our alumni community.

By participating in Global Buddies you will:

Gain insight in to services, support and opportunities at Birkbeck.

Learn tips for how to make the most of your time at Birkbeck and living in London.

Practice conversational English.

Receive practical advice on matters such as learning English, public transport and setting up a bank account.

Interested in taking part?

Global Buddies participants are matched either as a pair or a small group with an alumni volunteer. You will meet with your ‘buddy’ either in-person or virtually at least once during your first term. Where possible, we try to match buddies based on interests, course of study, shared languages and meeting preferences.

If you have any questions about Global Buddies, please contact Julia Chapman on

Registrations for Spring 2024 are now closed.

Spring 2024 Programme Timeline

Student Registrations CloseMidnight, Monday 15 January
Global Buddies Matches AnnouncedMonday 22 January
Global Buddies Launch EventWednesday 24 January
Mid-Programme Check InWednesday 21 February
End of Autumn ProgrammeFriday 22 March


“I had an amazing experience with my global buddy. He kindly arranged an unforgettable personal visit to Parliament Buildings in October and counselled me on many important aspects of student life in Britain. With that help in mind, I was able to navigate issues like accommodation and essay writing.”

Alberto, Global Buddies Participant 22/23

“Studying at Birkbeck was a wonderful experience for me. I appreciated all the support that was available from Birkbeck to help me succeed and wanted to support incoming international students to navigate life at Birkbeck and in London. We connected over our shared love of art and culture, and I drew upon my experience of using the careers service at Birkbeck.”

Akima, Global Buddies Volunteer 22/23

“Thank you for this platform! these little details help more than I thought they would! The little things like where to shop for food, how to travel out of London and what to do outside of class really made the difference for me. My conversation helped to put my anxiety and excitement of moving to a new place into perspective”

Rachel, Global Buddies Participant 22/23