Pioneering University Careers Services in Germany

Andreas Eimer (MSc Career Management and Counselling 2009) studied for an Arts’ degree in his home country of Germany before starting his career as a journalist. He spent several years working in the press departments of the Ministry of Education and a university before he decided that he not only want to write about changes in the education field but to contribute to these developments himself.   

Andreas is Head of the Careers Service at the University of Münster. His role has involved setting up one of the first higher education Careers Services at one of the biggest Universities in Germany. He is an advocate for degree-level study and his work ensures that students can make the most of the opportunities university presents.    

“From my point of view, Higher Education is extremely important not only for the individuals who are studying but also for society as a whole. However, I often meet students who are not always aware of the potential a university education offers and I am passionate about helping them to see that there is more to gain than a formal certificate or qualification alone. A university Careers Service can help students to understand the relevance of the theory-based knowledge they gain in their lectures. We help give them the skills to innovate, think critically, and build professional flexibility. My experience is that this can broaden a student’s understanding, make them more motivated in their studies and see more opportunities in the world of work.”  

After establishing the Careers Service at Münster, Andreas was keen to build his knowledge of Career Education and counselling, but it wasn’t in Germany or London that his journey to Birkbeck began… While working at a student recruitment fair in Bangkok he happened across a Birkbeck stand and a course in MSc in Career Management and Counselling – a type of degree that didn’t exist in Germany at the time.   

Andreas studied for his degree through a blended learning programme, a mixture of self-taught online and in-person study, which meant he could continue working in Germany with frequent visits to London. His course provided him with a solid basis in career counselling and organisational psychology, which played an important role in developing the Careers Service at the University of Münster and in increasing his self-confidence and passion for his work.   

At 45 years old becoming a student again was incredibly valuable “It helped me relate to the students I offer careers advice to […] when I tell the students that my graduation wasn’t that long ago, there is more of an understanding and empathy when I meet with them.”  

Right now, students across the world are facing challenges. Andreas sees this as a time to place confidence in students and all that university offers. “I am convinced that all generations have their challenges. I encourage students to be optimistic and proactive. We don’t know what the future holds but we do know that a strong feeling of self-efficacy is an influential factor for achieving subjective and objective career success. Relying on our inspiration, our energy and our confidence and a university degree is a good basis to place this optimism upon. And if in doubt – seek professional help and support, for example in your university Careers Service!”