Mentoring Pathways

Drop In Clinic – Insights

The Mentoring Pathways Drop-In Clinic was hosted online and in-person on Tuesday 21 February. The event was an opportunity for mentors and mentees to ask any questions, talk through challenges they were facing on their mentoring journey, and ask for additional guidance or support to make their mentoring experience as successful as possible

We have summarised some key talking points from our conversations on the day. We hope you find these a helpful insight into how other mentoring partnerships are progressing and gain new inspiration for your mentoring sessions.

Key Talking Points

Additional Resources for Student Mentees at Birkbeck

The Value of Face-to-Face Meetings

Embracing Different Approaches to Mentorship

Keeping an Open Mindset

If you have any further questions or comments about the Mentoring Pathways programme, please contact Emily Jeffery (Alumni Engagement Officer) on