Striving for a more equitable future  

Rachel Clarkson (MSc Management with Corporate Governance and Business Ethics, 2019), Diversity and Inclusion and CSR Programme Manager at TD Securities, shares more about her role creating social change within the communities and industry in which she works.  

Before coming to Birkbeck, Rachel had built a career working as an Executive Assistant in several industries, from fashion and jewellery to management consultancy and aerospace. She knew she wanted to specialise in a role and felt frustrated at not being able to take the next step. She reflects, “this was partly due to my confidence, but also because I wasn’t able to prove my ability with education and formal qualifications”. Birkbeck gave Rachel the chance to do just that.  

Even after a long day of work, Rachel says she found it hugely inspiring to spend her evenings learning from incredible academics and classmates. “It was amazing to be in an environment where you know everyone is there for the right reason – dedicating their spare time to enhancing their knowledge, potential and career opportunities”. 

Studying a Master’s in Management with Corporate Governance and Business Ethics gave Rachel the confidence to gain employment in a space about which she feels passionate. As Diversity and Inclusion and CSR Manager, Rachel feels she can see how her work directly shapes and influences the culture and philosophy of her organisation and its people. Her passion for the work she does comes from her commitment to creating a more inclusive, equitable society. Within TD Securities, she ensures there is a drive amongst her colleagues to address gender, ethnicity, sexuality, disability, mental health, and diversity issues.  

Rachel’s goal is to continue to embed concepts of equality, ethics, and empathy into the way TD does business, with as much focus and responsibility towards people and the environment as there is for profits. With a bright career ahead of her, we asked Rachel where she sees the future of her work heading. “While it’s so exciting to work in such a developing and evolving space, every D&I and CSR practitioner will tell you that the end goal for us is for the work to be done and for our roles to become obsolete”. 

We look forward to watching where Rachel’s exciting career takes her.