BBK Magazine 41

200th Anniversary Edition

The magazine for Birkbeck’s alumni and supporters, telling the story of our history, our world-leading research and our unique community

Alumni Stories

Storytelling and Social Impact

JJ's Story

Fighting Food Poverty in Malawi

Alex's Story

Winning in the World of Football

Preeti, Faïna & Brooke's Stories

Turning Managers into Great Coaches

Farley's Story

Enabling Project Success with Tech

Emma's Story

A Place in London’s History

Jeff's Story

Research in Action

Supporting Parkinson’s Patients Worldwide

Professor George Roussos' Research

Optimising Renewable Energy

Dr Paul Elsner's Research

The Fall of the Afghan Republic

Dr Jasmine Bhatia's Research

Transforming Digital Evidence Forensics

Tiggey May's Research

Blood, Money and Belonging

Professor Anthony Bale's Research

Tackling Online Covid Scepticism

Dr Robert Topinka's Research

200 Years of Birkbeck

A Brief History of Birkbeck and its Origins

Birkbeck's Story

Education and Radicalism

Edith's Story

Creating Pathways for Success

Bastôn's Story

The Last Word

Sushmina's Story